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    • cederic duss f3k eurotour champion

      Congratulations to Cederic Duss (SUI) – winner of F3K World Cup and CONTEST Eurotour 2017

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      PLUS is the F5J without any compromises

    • dominik prestele f3j eurotour champion

      Congratulations to Dominik Prestele (GER) - F3J CONTEST Eurotour winner 2017

    • shinto col de tende fai eurotour

         Congratulations to Sebastien Lanes (Shinto) - winner of the Col de Tende FAI eurotour and Pierre Rondel (Shinto) with 3rd place!

    • nikita sholom junior world champion 2016

      Congratulations to Nikita Sholom (UKR) - the new F3J Junior World Champion 2016.

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    snipe 2 wing horn 01




    Joe Wurtz had worked for many years to obtain the perfect DLG wing aerodynamics and came to the conclusion that the use of thin profiles is needed, especially for the aileron part of the wing. Analysis of the traditional sandwich and even unitized constructions showed that such wing is not enough rigid and durable. Completely new solution was required.

    We managed to integrate the carbon I-web for the spar into the Rohacell core. The spar shear web significantly increased wing rigidity and protects the spardelamination during launch high loading. The other integrated shear web closes the aileron contour and makes a very thin aileron extremely rigid. Rohacell core is made with CNC precision. Wing skin is made of unique ultrathin carbon fabric Carboline 39 g/m ² provide light weight (about 104g), rigidity, strength and accuracy of the wing.

    For Snipe 2 wing and tail we use the unique ultralight Rohacell, created by our individual order.

    The strong wing version of Snipe 2 Strong provides a high powerful launch with a  ballast in windy conditions. Reinforcement wing longitudinal Carboline layers marginally increases the weight, but significantly increased the strength of the Snipe 2 Strong wing. Additional aileron reinforcement counteracts flutter at high launch speed. (Snipe 2 Strong wing weight is about 115g.)

    For expert pilots we developed a new Ultra High Module Wing (Snipe 2 UHM). The weight of the wing in this version is only 102-108g. However, the rigidity is 20% higher than the wing of Snipe 2 regular. 

    Snipe 2 Light UHM - coming soon.

    Snipe DLG flap construction

    Snipe 2 wing construction

    1.     Ultralight Rohacell core;

    2, 4. Carbon spar cap;

    3.     Carboline spar shear web;

    5.     Aileron hinge tape;

    6,7.  Carboline skin layer:

         - Snipe 2: Carboline_SC_39_2/45;

         - Snipe 2 Strong: Carboline three layer custom preform;

         - Snipe 2 UHM: Carboline multi layer custom preform from Ultra High Module Carbon. 

    8.     Lower strengthening of wing fitting;

    9.     Solid filler;

    10.   Upper strengthening of wing fitting;

    11.   The aileron shear web.

    Snipe DLG wing construktion


    snipe 2 fuselage 01




    The shape of the fuselage is optimized for low aerodynamic drag and high rigidity.

    The fuselage is laminated of  Ultra High Module Carbon custom preform Carboline in aluminum mold with high pressure.

    Removable nose cone allows you to conveniently place the equipment on the inner tube, despite the very small cross-section of the nose. The thin plates, on both sides of the inner pipe, increase its strength and prevent damage to the nose cone and equipment when squeezed by hand.


    Please, pay attention, we produce two versions of Snipe 2 fuselage: for left and right handed pilots with different slot for the vertical stabilizer. The Snipe vertical stabilizer is fitted to both this versions. Please pay attention during the assembly, the fin airfoil must fit to the slot profile (it is right fin position).


    snipe sn for lefthandersnipe sn for righthander


    Snipe 2 MKS servo arrangement

    snipe 2 mks servo arrangement 001  snipe 2 mks servo arrangement 002  snipe 2 mks servo arrangement 003

    Snipe 2 KST servo arrangement

    snipe 2 kst servo arrangement 001  snipe 2 kst servo arrangement 002  snipe 2 kst servo arrangement 003

    snipe 2 ballast fixing system


    Snipe 2 can be additionally equipped with a quick-change ballast from 30 to 200 g. The ballast is securely fixed in the pipe and an additional lock under the wing.


     Ballast system for SNIPE 2


    Q-ty of section, pcs























    Weight, gr












     snipe 2 fin 01snipe 2 tail 01



    The tail airfoils and shape was optimized by Joe Wurts for high launch altitude and perfect controllability.

    The rudder gluing spot  is extended to increase strength and is smoothed to reduce aerodynamic drag.

    The stabilizer pylon is molded separately and precisely glued in the jig. The pylon not only has the minimum weight, but also it rims  of the groove for the stabilizer horn, for the strength.

    The horizontal stabilizer with elevator has significantly increased rigidity of whole control system. The stabilizer is mounted on the pylon under the tail boom. This allows easy to use very light and backlash-free pool/spring control system.

    The tail skin is made of unique ultrathin carbon fabric Carboline 26 g/m ². In conjunction with the core of the unique ultra-light Rohacell, it provides light weight (about 12g for both stabilizers), rigidity, strength and accuracy of the tail.

    Vertical and horizontal stabilizers are finished completely. Rudder and elevator are hinged already by light Kevlar. Horns and torsion springs are included in the kit.


    snipe 2 ballast fixing system   snipe 2_v19 main drawing 2   snipe2 coloring

              Advanced technologies                   Technical data                         Flexibe color scheme





    snipe 2 thomas truffo and cederic duss f3k dlg


    snipe 2 55


    Snipe 2

    In preparation for the F3K World Championship 2017 was made a batch of experimental Snipe SN with 1 degree insidence in wing. Consequently the stabilizer was lifted up on 25 mm (in flight) with the aim to decrease the air stream’s influence going from a wing to stabilizer. Also the glider’s rigidity and stiffness of the control system were increased. These models were successfully used during season 2017 by Cederic Duss (World Cup 2017, Eurotour 2017 winner), Ihor Butseroha ( 2-d Place in F3K WCh 2017), Austria, New Zeland, Ukraine, Italy, South Africa Teams.
    Snipe 2 is developed on a base of this experiment. Also we added more streamlined and extremely toughed fuselage.
    Significant decrease of stream’s influence going from a wing to stabilizer simplified a model’s control in turbulence condition. It makes possible to move the gravity center to 5mm back nevertheless the model is still comfortable and stable in handling.
    This back position of the CG decreases the angle between the wing and the stabilizer, consequently, decreases common aerodynamic drag of the model. The new thinner and more streamline Snipe 2 fuselage is also instrumental in drag reduction. But above all, due to these changes, Snipe 2 is able to climb more effective in thermals with smallest circles and better displays about the smallest thermal babbles.
    We significantly increase the stiffness of all parts of the model to get the highest launch:

    • The rigidity of the fuselage is enlarged on 65% in relation to Snipe SN. Because of the new streamline Snipe 2 fuselage has wider tailboom and using the Ultra High Module Carbon preform Carboline.

    • Snipe 2 has stiffer carbon aileron rods with ball links without free plays. Aileron horn has extra shaft combined with the aileron hinge. It minimizes free plays in the hinge. It also greatly increases the rigidity of the ailerons’ control system.

    • Snipe 2 has tougher torsion springs and steel control cable in pool/spring tail control system.

    • For expert pilots we developed a new Ultra High Module Wing (Snipe 2 UHM). The weight of the UHM wing is only 102-108g. However, the rigidity is 20% higher than the wing of Snipe 2 regular.


    SNIPE 2

    (SNP2 Reg)

    SNIPE 2 Strong

    (SNP2 Str)


    (SNP2 UHM)

    SNIPE2 Light UHM

    (SNP2 LUHM)

    NT model weight*

    161.4-171.5 gr (5.69-6.05  oz)    175.4-186.5 gr (6.19-6.58 oz) 161.4-171.5 gr (5.69-6.05  oz)  

     RTF weight **

    226.4-236.5 gr (7.99-8.34 oz) 

    249.4-260.5 gr (8.8-9.19 oz)  

    226.4-236.5 gr (7.99-8.34 oz)  


    Wing loading

    11.52-12.03 gr\dm² 

    12.69-13.26 gr\dm²

    11.52-12.03 gr\dm²   



     Price, EUR

    for right-handed (ex VAT) 

     680,00 €  Buy

    for right-handed (ex VAT) 

    710,00 €  Buy

    for right-handed (ex VAT)  

    720,00 €  Buy

    for right-handed (ex VAT) 

    Coming soon...

     for left-handed (ex VAT)  

    680,00 €  Buy

     for left-handed (ex VAT)  

    710,00 €  Buy

     for left-handed (ex VAT)  

    720,00 €  Buy

    for left-handed (ex VAT) 

    Coming soon...

    * - weight of the components depends on the color and the presence of stripes. Dark colors lighter, yellow is the heaviest;

    ** - typical value shown; the actual values depend on the radio gear used.