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  • defeating gravity

    • alex hewson f3k world champion 1



      Congratulations to

      Alex Hewson (Snipe) –

      F3K World Champion 2015!

    • Joe Wurts and his Maxa El 4m_



      Congratulations for Joe Wurts (Maxa El)!  It was amazing win in South West Classic 2013 in the ALES klass!

    • dominik prestele f3j wch 2016



      Congratulations to Dominik Prestele 

      with 3th Place on

      F3J World Championship 2016


    • shinto col de tende fai eurotour


        Congratulations to Sebastien Lanes (Shinto) - winner of the Col de Tende FAI eurotour and Pierre Rondel (Shinto) with 3rd place!


    • nz world champ team f3k


       Congratulations to New Zealand Snipe Team (Alex Hewson, Joe Wurts, Kevin Botherway) - the new F3K World Team Champion 2015.

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    SmartLipo battery is a highly integrated device for powering your RC model. Thanks to integrated booster, switching charge circuit and battery condition monitor unit now you can stop to use many external devices for your model receiver batteries operation!SmartLipo have single two-pin port used for connecting to charge power supply(revese polarity protected), and for turing ON/OFF.

    To Power ON your SmartLipo remove jumper from “ON/OFF” port. If the SmartLipo is charged you will hear 0-7 beeps*(means 3.5-4.2V on cell). For SmartLipo v2 and newer you also will have red led turned on. 6-7 beeps* – completely charged SmartLipo. If you here 0 beeps* – you need to charge your SmartLipo before use.

    While SmartLipo is turned ON it makes regular beeps to show this state(to prevent model packing with powered receiver). If the cell voltage drops lower than 3.5V internal voltage - this beep will be changed to trills(”Ti-ta-Ti”). If the cell voltage drops lower than 2.9V for 3 seconds SmartLipo will be turned OFF automaticaly. Time of cell discharging between 3.5V and 2.9V depends on your model total power consumtion, typicaly it is about 1-2 minutes but this value may be lower. We recommend to charge SmartLipo between flights and check the voltage on the cell using jumper place/remove cycle time to time. We do not recommend to fly till trills or full discharge. If you remove jumper and hear only 1 beep - stop flying and charge your SmartLipo.

    To Power OFF - place jumper to the “ON/OFF” port.

    To Charge your SmartLipo apply 5-15V power source to Charge In port in appropriated polarity. Power source need to be capable to handle at least doubled charge current(for 240mah – 0.5A).Ideal power source is another battery (e.g Car battery) or any other stabilized power supply. While charging you will hear short “tick” sounds, as soon as charging will be done, you will hear “beeps” instead. When the cell is completely charged SmartLipo will be switched into trickle charge mode. Internal condition monitor will prevent battery overcharging.Typical full charge time is about 1.5hours. We do not recommend to use exactly 5V power source for charging because possible voltage drops.

    You can download a PDF file with brief instructions on using RC Smart LiPo

    pdflogo Instruction on using SmartLipo