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    • alex hewson f3k world champion 1



      Congratulations to

      Alex Hewson (Snipe) –

      F3K World Champion 2015!

    • Joe Wurts and his Maxa El 4m_



      Congratulations for Joe Wurts (Maxa El)!  It was amazing win in South West Classic 2013 in the ALES klass!

    • dominik prestele f3j wch 2016



      Congratulations to Dominik Prestele 

      with 3th Place on

      F3J World Championship 2016


    • shinto col de tende fai eurotour


        Congratulations to Sebastien Lanes (Shinto) - winner of the Col de Tende FAI eurotour and Pierre Rondel (Shinto) with 3rd place!


    • nz world champ team f3k


       Congratulations to New Zealand Snipe Team (Alex Hewson, Joe Wurts, Kevin Botherway) - the new F3K World Team Champion 2015.

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    BLASTER 3/SNIPE Ballast 60g BLASTER 3/SNIPE Ballast 60g
    Specially for you we make ballast for Blaster 3 weighing 60 grams. In the complete set you receive cargo on a textolite basis, a PP clamp and screw M3. All you need - is to connect the lock and load with duct tape in the area ...
    more info Buy 18,30 €
    BLASTER 3/SNIPE Ballast 85g BLASTER 3/SNIPE Ballast 85g
    Following your numerous requests we make a heavy ballast for Blaster 3 weight 85 grams. The collected ballast is simply inserted in front of a fuselage into a nasal emphasis on a beam. Insert it while the carving aperture in a ballast clamp will not coincide with an aperture on a nasal emphasis, and then fix screw M3...
    more info Buy 18,30 €
    SPRITE Hot Ballast SPRITE Hot Ballast
    Ballast set for Sprite HOT is made for the flights in the dynamic flows on the slopes of hills (Slope soaring) and also for Dynamic soaring. The maximum ballast of 750g can be used only for the carbon version of Sprite HOT. Ballast is assembled on the wire cable, which makes possible for ballast to be flexible...
    more info Buy 55,90 €
    SPRITE Thermal Ballast SPRITE Thermal Ballast
    The ballast set for Sprite THERMAL is made for the flights in the thermal flows with different wind speed for guaranteeing the necessary degree of penetration ability and speed. Complete set makes it possible to have simultaneously two ballasts for the rapid replacement with change in the weather prior to the start...
    more info Buy 55,90 €
    AVA Pro Ballast AVA Pro Ballast
    The ballast set for AVA (all versions) designed to use the glider to fly in thermals at different wind speeds. You can swap the screw in the mounting holes to change the alignment model with ballast. You have...
    more info Buy 36,44 €
    Pro Ballast for Supra/Maxa Pro Ballast for Supra/Maxa
    It allows you to adjust the weight of the model is very smooth. The main advantage of this ballast is that the smaller weight you want to put, the smaller will be the effect of ballast on the longitudinal controllability of model.
    The moment of inertia of the PRO ballast would be eight times less!
    more info Buy 41,00 €
    MAXA Nose Ballast MAXA Nose Ballast
    MAXA Nose Ballast
    more info Buy 8,00 €
    SUPRA Nose Ballast SUPRA Nose Ballast
    SUPRA Nose Ballast
    more info Buy 8,00 €
    SHINTO Ballast (complete) SHINTO Ballast (complete)
    more info Buy 45,00 €