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    • alex hewson f3k world champion 1



      Congratulations to

      Alex Hewson (Snipe) –

      F3K World Champion 2015!

    • Joe Wurts and his Maxa El 4m_



      Congratulations for Joe Wurts (Maxa El)!  It was amazing win in South West Classic 2013 in the ALES klass!

    • dominik prestele f3j wch 2016



      Congratulations to Dominik Prestele 

      with 3th Place on

      F3J World Championship 2016


    • shinto col de tende fai eurotour


        Congratulations to Sebastien Lanes (Shinto) - winner of the Col de Tende FAI eurotour and Pierre Rondel (Shinto) with 3rd place!


    • nz world champ team f3k


       Congratulations to New Zealand Snipe Team (Alex Hewson, Joe Wurts, Kevin Botherway) - the new F3K World Team Champion 2015.

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    BLASTER 3/SNIPE Ballast 60g


    BLASTER 3/SNIPE Ballast 60g

    BLASTER 3/SNIPE Ballast 60g

    Specially for you we make ballast for Blaster 3 weighing 60 grams. In the complete set you receive cargo on a textolite basis, a PP clamp and screw M3. All you need - is to connect the lock and load with duct tape in the area ...
    Buy 18,30 €

    Following your numerous requests we make ballast for Blaster 3 weighing 60 grams.

    The set includes:

    BLASTER 3 Ballastf3k_4 1) Cargo on a textolite basis

     2) PP clamp

     3) Screw for fixing ballast M3

    The acting pin on a clamp should get to one of apertures on cargo. The aperture needs to be chosen depending on position of the center of gravity of your model - ballast installation should not change it.

    The collected ballast is simply inserted in front of a fuselage into a nasal emphasis on a beam. Insert it while the carving aperture in a ballast clamp will not coincide with an aperture on a nasal emphasis, and then fix screw M3 from the complete set.

    BLASTER 3 Ballast_f3k_1BLASTER 3 Ballast_f3k_2BLASTER 3 Ballast_f3k_3

    With a weight of 60 grams of ballast wing load Blaster = 2.62 g/dm2

    For flights to the dynamic flow you can use a heavy ballast BLASTER 3 Ballast 85g