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      Congratulations to Cederic Duss (SUI) – winner of F3K World Cup and CONTEST Eurotour 2017

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      Congratulations to Dominik Prestele (GER) - F3J CONTEST Eurotour winner 2017

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         Congratulations to Sebastien Lanes (Shinto) - winner of the Col de Tende FAI eurotour and Pierre Rondel (Shinto) with 3rd place!

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      Congratulations to Nikita Sholom (UKR) - the new F3J Junior World Champion 2016.

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    LDS set for Fuselage


    Fuselage LDS MKS 6100 mount set

    Fuselage LDS MKS 6100 mount set

    Buy 15,00 €



    We have developed a new servo installation system into the fuselage. It is very rigid, light and compact control system.


    It is briliant idea for electric gliders, but it is good for glider version also.

    This LDS system is easy to make and easy to install.

    You can get such universal system for Shinto, Maxa Pro Electric, Maxa Pro glider and Supra Expert glider.

    new fuselage lds for mks 6100 Advantages:

     - The servo horns are screwed to the bearing on the frame. The neutral position of the horns and rod length are regulated separately from the servos. After that we just fasten servos to the frame. This method greatly simplifies the installation and adjustment because servos occupy the entire volume of the upper part of the fuselage.

    - Inverted upside down servos allow for installation tail rods more inline and move the rods down to release the top of the space for the battery.

    - The servo horn has additional bearing support. It is reducing the servo backlash and protects servo gear against shock loads.




    It is so easy to install (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    This new system is universal and compatible with different models. All you need it's just cut plywood part. Cutting size depends on model and used horns. 

     mks 6100 shinto fuselage lds mks6100 02

    Model type Avaliable horns Plywood plate dimensions Elevator movement up/down  Rudder movement 
    Elevator horn (B-side), mm Rudder horn (A-side), mm Plate width, mm

    А (rudder side), mm

    B (elevator side), mm
    Maxa EL 12.5 10 36 16.5 19.5 17°/20.5° 25°
    Supra 12.5 7.5 33 14 19 17°/20.5°  22°
    Shinto 7.5 7.5 27 13.5 13.5 11.5mm/10.7mm
    G2 EL 13 13 35 17.5 17.5    


    Fuselage LDS set for Maxa Pro El:




    Fuselage LDS set for Shinto El: