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    • alex hewson f3k world champion 1



      Congratulations to

      Alex Hewson (Snipe) –

      F3K World Champion 2015!

    • Joe Wurts and his Maxa El 4m_



      Congratulations for Joe Wurts (Maxa El)!  It was amazing win in South West Classic 2013 in the ALES klass!

    • dominik prestele f3j wch 2016



      Congratulations to Dominik Prestele 

      with 3th Place on

      F3J World Championship 2016


    • shinto col de tende fai eurotour


        Congratulations to Sebastien Lanes (Shinto) - winner of the Col de Tende FAI eurotour and Pierre Rondel (Shinto) with 3rd place!


    • nz world champ team f3k


       Congratulations to New Zealand Snipe Team (Alex Hewson, Joe Wurts, Kevin Botherway) - the new F3K World Team Champion 2015.

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    Hyper spinners

    The Hubs with spinner for folding propeller.

    The aluminum hub with spinner are optimized for pilots, who want to get more from the plane.

    Hyper Spinner shape allows  folded the blades more closer  to the fuselage for maximum drag reduction.

    Unique easy, very light and strong Hyper Spinner is fixed reliably on the motor shaft by screws, while quickly replace blades is possible, when the weather conditions has changed.

    The propeller hub is milled of a high strength aluminum alloy.

    Shockproof PA cone has the hole for cooling.