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    • cederic duss f3k eurotour champion

      Congratulations to Cederic Duss (SUI) – winner of F3K World Cup and CONTEST Eurotour 2017

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    • dominik prestele f3j eurotour champion

      Congratulations to Dominik Prestele (GER) - F3J CONTEST Eurotour winner 2017

    • shinto col de tende fai eurotour

         Congratulations to Sebastien Lanes (Shinto) - winner of the Col de Tende FAI eurotour and Pierre Rondel (Shinto) with 3rd place!

    • nikita sholom junior world champion 2016

      Congratulations to Nikita Sholom (UKR) - the new F3J Junior World Champion 2016.

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    Elf/Spin 1106 power set


    Elf/Spin 1106 power set

    Elf/Spin 1106 power set

    Completely ready for use - you just need to screw it;
    The set included two rubber rings for folding the propeller blades;
    Only for HV servos and HV receiver!
    It has JST connector for battery.
    Buy 57,00 €


    Completely ready for use - you just need to screw it. 

    Only for HV servos and HV receiver!


    It is programmed to the maximum hard brake and speed control within 1200-2100ms.

    Please use only 70% of full motor power. Cut the power by transmitter.  



    Voltage Range: 2S 180-350mAh LiPo ;

    Motor: 1106, KV 7500;

    ESC Max Burst Current: 11A;

    Only for HV servos and HV receiver!

    Spinner: VM SPINNER 25/1106

    Prop: CAM prop 4,7-2,3";

    JST Battery connector

    Receiver connector: Uni (JR);

    Maximum static thrust: 150g;

    Weight: 16,8g


    ESC Default config:

    - Brake On Stop: On

    - PPM Min Throttle: 1200

    - PPM Max Throttle: 2100

    - Programming by TX: disable

    - Beacon: Auto 10 min


    For Spin EL and Elf Pro El use the adapter (from model kit) for lining under the motor screw, otherwise the long screw from the kit will ruin your motor.


    spin_el elf_pro_el motor adapter